Dr. Chef Damu

Goa Prawn Balchao


Shrimp - 1 kg
Fenni – 1 bottle
Garlic – 1 pod
Peppercorns – 12
Dry red chilies – 6
Salt – to taste
Prawns - 250 gms


1. Clean the shrimp thoroughly, wash and tie in a muslin cloth.
2. Allow hanging for about 12 hours till all the water has drained out.
3. Squeeze out any water that may be left.
4. Grind the shrimps. Salt, garlic and peppercorns with palm fenni only.
5. Mix dry chilies(whole).
6. If any fenni is left, it may be added to the shrimp paste.
7. Fill in the bottle and cap tightly.
8. A famous goan prawn preparation using fenni - cashew liquor from goa.